French Maid TS Estrea
35:10 Minutes

Mary, who is Carl’s wife, just hired Estrea, to be Carl’s new French Maid. Carl meets her and wants to inspect the goods. He has her lower her top and show him her tits. He sucks on them and then wants to see the bottom half. He bends her over and eats out her ass, and then she sucks his cock. He starts fucking her asshole and then has her taste her own ass juices from his cock. He fucks her hard in a variety of positions, and stops periodically to eat out her asshole. Then he fucks her some more, and cums inside her asshole. He has her stand up, he slides underneath, and she relaxes her asshole and shares her cream pie with Carl. He takes a mouthful and then drips it back into her mouth. Then, they share a wet cum-kiss.