Matt’s Bi Threeway  30:57 Minutes

In a previous video, 1st Time Bi Girls”, Carl and Connie meet another couple at one of the local Hotels. The two ladies decide to go up to Matt’s hotel room for a break. They don’t waste much time before going to bed. When this video starts, the two ladies have just finished a wild sexual lesbian encounter. Carl and Matt walk in and see the two ladies on the bed, in sexy costumes. They ask if they can join in. Connie says that she already got lucky in bed and got her orgasm, and seeing if she would be as lucky on the slots downstairs. Connie gets dressed and leaves, and Matt and Carl get naked and join Sherry in bed. Carl gets into Sherry’s tight pussy while she sucks on Matt’s cock. Then Carl lets Matt suck on his cock. Carl fucks Matt in the ass while he eats out Sharee’s pussy. He pulls out and fucks Sharee dogstyle and then jacks off his cum onto her ass and licks it up.