Lucky Meeting
38:23 Minutes

Carl is giving Danny and bid on replacing some outside upholstery and tells Danny he is bisexual and wondered if Danny might be interested in playing some. Danny agrees, and Carl happily starts sucking him off. Danny says he’d like to suck off Carl, also, so he goes down on him. They decide to go inside and start with a 69. After some nice mutual oral, Danny decides to fuck Carl. After a few strokes bareback, he asks Danny to climb off and let him suck his cock. He wants to taste his ass juice. Slurp. Danny climbs back on and rides Carl. Carl says he wants to taste his ass juice some more. Off he goes and Carl licks his cock clean. Then Danny fucks Carl. After a while, Carl gets to fuck Danny and Danny does ATM also. Carl fucks Danny some more and then cums in his mouth. Then, Danny cums in Carl’s asshole and you get to watch it drip out in slow motion.