Coach Carl’s New Playmate  43:05 Minutes

Summer School vacation is getting ready to start and Coach Carl is talking to one of his students, Paul. He asks Paul if he would like to act as an assistant to him during the summer. Paul agrees and and Coach Carl gives him his home address and asks him to drop by that evening for more details. Once there, Coach Carl puts his hand on Paul’s knee and tells him he is his favorite student and that he would like to form a closer relationship to him. Once he realizes Paul isn’t objecting, he gropes his cock and has him drop his underwear. Then, He sucks on Paul and has him do the same. They undress, get on the bed, and 69 before Coach Carl fucks Paul and then has him fuck him. Coach Carl cums in Paul’s asshole and he watches it pour out. Then Paul jacks off and cums in Coach Carl’s mouth and he swallows it.