Lick Both Of My Feet
43:55 Minutes

Carl meets with a gay guy he met online in a Fetish chatroom. He’s never explored this type of behavior before. He meets Groucho, who is a Sub, and a Foot Worshipper. They do some oral sex and then Groucho starts licking Carl’s feet and between his toes, He fingers his ass, rims it and then fucks him, He pulls out and makes Carl do ATM, and has Carl lick his asshole. Carl fucks Groucho and he also does ATM. Carl cums and Groucho gets on the cold floor. Carl steps on Groucho’s face and has him lick his feet and toes and rubs the saliva all over his face. He sticks his foot in Groucho’s Marx and presses in head onto the floor. This excites Groucho, and he jacks off his cock into Carl’s willing mouth.